[postgis-users] error while loading dat for tiger geocoder

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
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The tabblock table load is broken for PostGIS 2.2.2 as I recall.  I think so is tract (though I forget). Tabblock  isn't used for any geocoding or functions packaged with postgis_tiger_geocoder. In later versions I have it turned off by default.  Tract is the only one of the auxiliary tables that is.

I suggest to just turn it off in load to avoid the noise (and to save space turn all the below off) since they are not required for the core geocoder functions

UPDATE tiger.loader_lookuptables SET load = false WHERE load = true AND lookup_name IN('tract', 'bg', 'tabblock');

I think I finally fixed tabblock in 2.4.1, but did not stress test it

Also if you want the newest tiger data (2017), you should be using postgis_tiger_geocoder packaged with postgis 2.4 2.4+.  I think 2.2 load 2015 or 2016 data.
 postgis_tiger_geocoder 2.4+ loads 2017.

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I am in the process of setting up the tiger geocoder for use with addresses from the state of virginia. I am using PostgreSQL 9.3.20, postgis 2.2.2 and postgis_tiger_geocoder 2.2.2.

The state loader script (for linux shell) generates an SQL error towards the end of the script relating to the following line (line 210 in my

${PSQL} -c "ALTER TABLE tiger_staging.VA_tabblock RENAME geoid10 TO tabblock_id;"

The error it generates is:

ERROR:  relation "tiger_staging.va_tabblock" does not exist

I am under the impression that this error is harmless as at this stage the tiger_staging schema is empty because the function
loader_load_staged_data() has already been run, but I want to make sure.

If this is indeed a harmless error, then why is this line in the script?


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