[postgis-users] PostGIS 2.2.5 is released

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sun Jan 29 20:33:07 PST 2017

The PostGIS development team is pleased to announce the release of PostGIS
As befits a patch release, the focus is on bugs and breakages.

You can download source and documentation from the following links:

Source: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/source/postgis-2.2.5.tar.gz
HTML docs: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/doc-html-2.2.5.tar.gz
PDF Docs: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/postgis-2.2.5.pdf
EPUB Docs: http://download.osgeo.org/postgis/docs/postgis-2.2.5.epub
ChangeLog: https://svn.osgeo.org/postgis/tags/2.2.5/ChangeLog

Please http://postgis.net/support report bugs that you find in this release

Bug Fixes and Improvements

3418, KNN recheck in 9.5+ fails with index returned tuples in wrong order 

3680, PostGIS upgrade scripts missing GRANT for views  

PostGIS 2.3.2 will be coming out in the next day or 2.

Warm regards,
PostGIS Development Team

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