[postgis-users] ST_CurveToLine: Avoid slivers and overlaps in postgis 2.1

Jeker Oliver Oliver.Jeker at bd.so.ch
Mon Jan 30 01:36:04 PST 2017

Hey ho everybody

We at sogis are looking for a way to convert arcs (curves) to lines without producing slivers and overlaps of adjacent geometries sharing the same arc. It is very important for us to find a postgis solution as postgis is the "working horse" in all our automatic data transformation processes.
We looked at all available postgis functions and could not find a solution.


-      arcs.png: The geometries as stored in the postgresql table: lower left: two adjacent Polygon's / upper right: one Multipolygon with two adjacent parts in it.

-      stroked.png: The output when using ST_CurveToLine (The same when forcing right hand rule before calling ST_CurveToLine)

Thanks for your thoughts - Maybe will see some of you at FOSSGIS in Passau, will give a presentation there...

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