[postgis-users] add group number to a group by clause

Olivier Leprêtre o.lepretre at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 10:53:15 PDT 2017



I have sets of points which are piled up by groups. I found how to show the
different groups with the query below but I didn't find how to add a group
number for each group. I tried with "over partition" but it seems that it's
not possible to partition with geom column.


Here is the query :


select o.nbre,d.code,d.numero,d.nomvoie,d.commune from

(select geom,count(*) as nbre from adress group by geom having count(*) >1)
as o,

         lateral (select * from adress) as d where st_within(o.geom,d.geom)


it returns the piled points preceded with piled points count.


3 pointa (3 piled points)

3 pointf

3 pointg

2 point1 (2 pp)

2 point2

4 pntw   (4 pp)

4 pntx

4 pnty

4 pntz


How can I add a group column like this ?


1        3 pointa

1        3 pointf

1        3 pointg

2        2 point1

2        2 point2

3        4 pntw

3        4 pntx

3        4 pnty

3        4 pntz



Thanks for any idea,









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