[postgis-users] PostGIS ST_CreateOverview Function For Non-Public Schema

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Jun 2 12:56:13 PDT 2017



Use:   SELECT ST_CreateOverview('some_schema.some_table'::regclass, 'rast', 2);


I'll update the docs in a bit with examples.



And for future postings:


1)      Do not post requests for help about using PostGIS functions to PostGIS Development list.  That is for new feature discussion, general changes in code, and general PostGIS project management discussions

2)      Do not put URGENT in the subject of your emails.  

a.       Doing so assumes your questions are more urgent than others, which has the effect of annoying a lot of people and making them not interested in helping you

b.      URGENT also appears in a lot of Spam emails, so people might have those set to just go to their junk mail.








From: Osahon Oduware [mailto:osahon.gis at gmail.com] 

Hi All,


I am trying to utilize the ST_CreateOverview function  as described in the

following link:



I need to know how to include the schema name for the raster table in the

function. It appears the default is the public schema.


Please, I need help on this.


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