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Are you having problems currently or you just asking a general question for future consideration?


Your PostgreSQL and PostGIS are pretty old.


PostgreSQL 9.2 is reaching end of life in a couple of months - https://www.postgresql.org/support/versioning/ 

, so you should probably upgrade that soon to something like PostgreSQL 9.6, or 10 when it comes out in Sept/October.


PostGIS 2.3 is the latest version and PostGIS 2.4 we are going to try to release around Sept to go along with PostgreSQL 10.


As far as OS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS runs best on FreeBSD  or Linux.  Most high-end PostgreSQL users seem to prefer FreeBSD, but that might be a historical thing rather than performance thing, maybe some folks can speak to that. 


I've had pretty good performance on windows, but I think as you add more users the process spunning (vs. prefer thread spunning on windows) might make it less performant. I have certain things that necessitate me running often on windows.  For GIS usage, I've found Ubuntu seems to have the best menu of packages and most preferred by GIS folk, so probably a good one to go with if you are new to Unix/Linux and just want to get stuff from repos and have a good balance of performance and availability of prepackaged goods.


That said questions on OS/ Hardware require more consideration than performance.  A lot these days is just your comfortability with these things.


For PostgreSQL, whatever you do, you'll probably want SSD disks and RAM tends to be more important than CPU especially for PostGIS.


Hope that helps,





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I am from the Cartographic Production Department from the Brazilian Army, and we are trying to migrate from ArcGIS to QGIS+PostGIS.


We are currently using QGIS 2.14.15, PostgreSQL 9.2, PostGIS 2.1 and we mostly do data digitizing over an orthoimage. We have about 50 simultaneous users in a single PostGIS server, but in different databases and ports (we use 5 different ports in production, one per project).


I would like to know if there are any tips to improve performance and QGIS reliability, such as tuning PostgreSQL, changing versions, operating systems, hardware recommendations, or QGIS specifics.




Felipe Diniz

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