[postgis-users] DISTINCT geometry to a code

Lars Aksel Opsahl Lars.Opsahl at nibio.no
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You can do something like this, but this uses a extra help table so it's not the best solution.

create table geo_key_map as ( select distinct md5(ST_asBinary(geo)) from test_table);

SELECT 8144241

Then you get a table where you add serial column and get counter from 1 to 8144241.

If you want you can wrap the code in to a function returning id based on md5 or insert a new md5 if it's missing. Using a own function will slow down response, but the md5 function is very fast.

The original table in this case contained 8144267 rows.


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Emne: [postgis-users] DISTINCT geometry to a code

I have a table with 945361 rows but the geometry (points) are distinct for 201606 locations (i.e., some rows refer to the same point in the space).

SELECT count(*) FROM juli.savannaswdsp;                           -- 945361
SELECT  count(DISTINCT geom) FROM juli.savannaswdsp;   -- 201606

Would it be possible to generate a column with codes for the points? that is, like an ID for each point instead for each row (e.g., from 1 to 201606), so rows with the same geom have the same code.

[ In R language this would be as follows: as.numeric(as.factor(geom))  ]

Thank for any suggestion

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