[postgis-users] Importing relations from database where postgis extension was created with a different schema

Andrew Joseph ap.joseph at live.com
Tue Nov 7 16:00:01 PST 2017

Thanks! that worked perfectly. As to why I thought installing it in the
public schema was preferred, I thought at one point there was a decision
made that CREATE EXTENSION postgis would install to a postgis schema by
default -so when I tested this out and found it wasn't the case I assumed
(wrongly) that there was still some reason to prefer the public schema as
the default installation location (instructions on postgis.net and in the
documentation show merely executing CREATE EXTENSION postgis;). 

Given that it is apparently possible to relocate the schema with the
commands you just provided, I'm curious why it is set to be non relocatable
in the first place. Is there some kind of edge case scenario where one can
corrupt their database by moving the extension necessitating keeping it non
relocatable by default?

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