[postgis-users] Data expert position: PostGIS and spatial ecology, University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mathieu Basille basille at ufl.edu
Mon Nov 27 13:55:01 PST 2017

The MabLab at the University of Florida's Fort Lauderdale Research and
Education Center (Davie, FL) is looking to fill an immediate opening for
the position of a Biological Scientist. We are looking for an enthusiastic,
highly motivated and responsible individual to join an exciting research
team focused on spatial ecology, from fine-scale movement and habitat
selection to range dynamics. Candidate will be responsible of the data
system of the Lab (database, GIS and documents), and will assist research
and extension projects within the Lab's themes.

The primary missions of the Biological Scientist will be:

1. Manage the Lab data system: the Lab relies on a data server using Linux
(Debian). Most notably, the server runs a PostGIS database system, which
hosts data from research projects of the Lab (notably wood stork, sea
turtle and raccoon telemetry data and associated GIS layers), as well as
Rstudio Server, Shiny, and GitLab, among others. The candidate will
entirely manage the server (keep the data base and the associated metadata
clean and up-to-date, set permissions for users and groups, develop Shiny
apps to access and display data, etc.).
2. Assist and train other Lab members for data processing and analysis:
candidate will assist Lab members (notably students) to process the data
stored in the Lab database system, in order to prepare them for statistical
analysis. He/she will also assist the next step of statistical analysis
when relevant.
3. Maintain and develop the Lab R packages (basr, hab, rpostgis,
rpostgisLT, …), and publish them on CRAN when appropriate. Maintaining
packages means keeping them up-to-date with changes in R and package
dependencies, while developing involves the integration of new functions or
the improvement of existing ones.
4. Contribute to the Lab’s extension program, through extensive
communication with the Lab's partners (USGS, USFWS, …), the preparation of
brochures or posters, or the participation in outreach events.
5. Participate in field work: The Lab and its partners periodically needs
help in various field work projects in the area, in the Everglades or
beyond. The candidate will contribute to the field work effort whenever
6. Finally, significant time will be reserved for the candidate to conduct
personal projects, which can include side projects or overarching issues
within the Lab themes, and eventually lead to peer-reviewed publications.

Details of the position and application can be found here:


Start Date: Flexible, as early as January 2018. This is a permanent
position from the University of Florida.

Closing Date: 07 January 2018.

Contact: For more information, please contact:

Mathieu Basille
Assistant Professor in Landscape Ecology
University of Florida
basille at ufl.edu


Mathieu Basille

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