[postgis-users] MGRS reference system

Lars laasunde at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 22:57:56 PDT 2018


Will take your suggestion into consideration.

Just found the notation of using one reference system appealing 😊


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Have a look at UTM.
MGRS is using UTM and UPS.


22 aug. 2018 kl. 10:18 skrev Lars <laasunde at hotmail.com<mailto:laasunde at hotmail.com>>:


Does PostGIS support MGRS reference system? If no, are there any plans to add support for this reference system?

Viewing the spatial_ref_sys table there is no entry name MGRS or similar.

Using Windows 10, PostgreSQL 10.3 and PostGIS 2.4.4

Appreciate any response.

kind regards, Lars
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