[postgis-users] ogr2ogr oracle to postgis - emtpy geom column

ofoerster at posteo.de ofoerster at posteo.de
Tue Jan 9 06:31:39 PST 2018

Hello community,

I have the problem that when I migrate from Oracle to PostGIS I get an 
empty geometry column.
All other data was taken over normally. My PostGIS extension is 
My command is:

ogr2ogr -a_srs EPSG:25833 -overwrite -f "PostgreSQL" -nln 
public.au_alkis_unit PG:"host=localhost port=5432 user=postgres 
password=postgres dbname=hale_export" OCI:"inspire/inspire@(DESCRIPTION 
1521)))(CONNECT_DATA = (SID =fbr))):AU_ALKIS_UNIT"

Can someone help me?

For the sake of traceability I have done the Oracle table as SQL dump in 
the attachment.

best regards, Oli
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