[postgis-users] EOL page

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Mar 27 09:34:11 PDT 2018

Someone pointed out on IRC there is no easy way to determine when a PostGIS
version is EOL'd.  He was looking for us to patch 2.1 and I said NO cause
that's EOL'd.

Anyway to make it clear, I was going to create an EOL on postgis.net page
similar to what 


In addition, just like PostgreSQL group  I'm going to mandate a future EOL
for those we still support.

Anyone have issues with me setting up such a page and making such godly
decisions about future EOLS :)

+1 if you are okay with it -1 if you are not.

And of course I expect at least PSC folks to vote, others can vote too.
I'll jump as soon as I see 2 +1s from PSC and no -1s.


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