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Nahum Castro nahumcastro at gmail.com
Fri May 25 12:42:54 PDT 2018

Hello all.

Can you help me on the next:

I can create a materialized view like this to extract data from other
tables within a polygon,

create materialized view vm_adoquin as
select adoquin.gid,adoquin.id,adoquin.control,st_intersection(adoquin.geom,
pol.geom) as geom
from  adoquin, municipio pol
where pol.municipio = 23
and adoquin.geom && pol.geom
and ST_IsEmpty(ST_Intersection(adoquin.geom, pol.geom)) != TRUE;

the resulting materialized view has geom type GEOMETRY but I need the geom

How I can cast the view if I know that
geometrytype(st_intersection(autopista.geom, pol.geom))=LINESTRING

but can't use

pol.geom)), 32614) to cast because can't use functions in type conversions.

Thanks in advance.

*Nahum Castro González*
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