[postgis-users] Installing PostGIS 2.3.8 over PostGres 9.4, Windows

Mauro Gregorio Binetti maurogregorio.binetti at gmail.com
Tue May 29 07:28:42 PDT 2018

Hi guys,
I have downloaded the subsequent zipfile:

https://winnie.postgis.net/download/windows/pg94/buildbot/ postgis

FOr the subsequent command:

"%PGBIN%\psql"  -d "%THEDB%" -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;"

shown in bat file: makepostgisdb_using_extensions.bat

I have the subsequent error:

*ERROR:  incompatible library
"C:/__APPL/pg94/../pg94/lib/postgresql/postgis-2.3.dll": magic block

*DETTAGLI: Server has FLOAT8PASSBYVAL = true, library has false.*

I have modified boolean flag value to false in subsequent files:

   - pg94\include\postgresql\server\pg_config.h
   - pg94\include\pg_config.h

but I continue to have same error.

Can you please give me some advice.

Thank you in advance.

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