[postgis-users] Installing PostGIS 2.3.8 over PostGres 9.4, Windows

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue May 29 08:02:43 PDT 2018

Which distribution of PostgreSQL are you using?


It looks to me like you are using a distribution incompatible with the  EDB distribution which the 9.4 binaries I built were built for.


For example if you are using BigSQL, only PostgreSQL 9.5 and above binaries on Winnie will work with that.


The reason for this is


Prior to PostgreSQL 9.5, EnterpriseDb used to compile their windows versions with FLOAT8PASSBYVAL =  false

So to accommodate that, I built < 9.5 with FLOAT8PASSBYVAL = false


However BigSQL windows distributions have always been built with FLOAT8PASSBYVAL = true

So the 9.4 builds I built for EDB WILL NOT WORK with 9.4 BigSQL


In Version PostgreSQL 9.5+, EDB changed their windows builds to build with FLOAT8PASSBYVAL =true as well

So from that point forward, the builds are compatible.



(that's why I put a note on that page that for BigSQL 9.5+, you can use the binaries here if you want extra stuff.  I probably maybe should have explained that better (and put a big DO NOT USE if using < 9.5 on BigSQL)







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Hi guys,

I have downloaded the subsequent zipfile:

https://winnie.postgis.net/download/windows/pg94/buildbot/ postgis-pg94-binaries-2.3.8devw64gcc48.zip


FOr the subsequent command:

"%PGBIN%\psql"  -d "%THEDB%" -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis;"

shown in bat file: makepostgisdb_using_extensions.bat

I have the subsequent error:

ERROR:  incompatible library "C:/__APPL/pg94/../pg94/lib/postgresql/postgis-2.3.dll": magic block mismatch

DETTAGLI: Server has FLOAT8PASSBYVAL = true, library has false.


I have modified boolean flag value to false in subsequent files:

*        pg94\include\postgresql\server\pg_config.h

*        pg94\include\pg_config.h

but I continue to have same error.

Can you please give me some advice.


Thank you in advance.



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