[postgis-users] Favorite distribution for OS X?

Jerry Sievert jerry at legitimatesounding.com
Sat Nov 10 17:35:27 PST 2018

Hi John,

> I am a Mac user and have been a happy consumer of Kyngchaos PostgreSQL and PostGIS builds for many years.  However, there are a couple of extensions I’m interested in trying that Mr. Kyngesburye doesn’t supply, including PLV8 (I want to see if PLV8 will speed up some raster MapAlgebra problems).  

This isn’t quite the right making list for plv8, but there is no official distribution for plv8 for macOS, but https://postgresapp.com <https://postgresapp.com/> (no affiliation) distributes Postgres with both postgis and plv8 extensions.  I can’t promise it will speed anything up, but I’d be interested to hear of your results.

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