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Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
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Is it still the case that IGN uses out of range srids, or is that just because your database is so old?


I know when we released 2.0, lots of people ran into this issue, particularly I think those using spatialreference.org because that produced at the time user srids that were out of range.


I would think IGN is common enough that we would have had more complaints if it was still an issue.


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That chapter is part of PostGIS documentation which is part of PostGIS itself. You can edit here:

(just push [Edit], do your changes and [Save] -> [New pull request]).

Please also mention what is IGN and why it produces invalid SRIDs, and what do you lose by removing them. :)


пт, 9 нояб. 2018 г. в 19:24, Michel Philippenko <michel.ing93 at gmail.com <mailto:michel.ing93 at gmail.com> >:


I have managed to avoid errors in relation with spatial_ref_sys_srid_check and I asked the administrators of the website postgis.net <http://postgis.net>  to add some information in this page :

in the chapter :
"Some custom records of spatial_ref_sys in dump file have an invalid SRID value"


Information to insert :

"Typically, if you use the french system IGN, you will have problems with SRID values out of range. You need first to throw out completely the IGN from the sql which is resulting from postgis_restore.pl <http://postgis_restore.pl> . So, first run :
perl utils/postgis_restore.pl <http://postgis_restore.pl>  "/somepath/olddb.backup" > oldbb.sql
grep -v IGNF olddb.sql > olddb-without-IGN.sql
then create your newdb, activate the required Postgis extensions, and insert properly the french system IGN with this script :
then, to finish, run :
psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d newdb -f olddb-without-IGN.sql  2> errors.txt


Thank you very much for you attention,

With best regards,

Mikhael Philippenko.


Le jeu. 8 nov. 2018 à 14:55, Michel Philippenko <michel.ing93 at gmail.com <mailto:michel.ing93 at gmail.com> > a écrit :


I'm new with Postgis.

I'm upgrading a database from Postgis 1.5.1-5 to 2.3.1 following the instructions given on this web page : https://postgis.net/docs/postgis_installation.html#hard_upgrade.

The errors below are displayed when importing my dump. Will my DB work well ? Should I fight more to have no errors at all ? 

Thank you for your help and your attention.

With best regards,



ERREUR:  la famille d'opérateur « btree_geography_ops » existe déjà pour la méthode d'accès « btree »
ERREUR:  la famille d'opérateur « btree_geometry_ops » existe déjà pour la méthode d'accès « btree »
ERREUR:  la famille d'opérateur « gist_geography_ops » existe déjà pour la méthode d'accès « gist »
ERREUR:  la contrainte de vérification « spatial_ref_sys_srid_check » est rompue par une ligne
ERREUR:  n'a pas pu créer l'index unique « spatial_ref_sys_pkey »
DÉTAIL : La clé (srid)=(999954) est dupliquée.


My translation in English :

ERROR:  the operator family « btree_geography_ops » already exists for the access method « btree »
ERROR:  the operator family « btree_geometry_ops »already exists for the access method « btree »
ERROR:  the operator family « gist_geography_ops » already exists for the access method « gist »
ERROR:  the constraint check « spatial_ref_sys_srid_check » is broken  for one line
ERROR:  could not create the uniq index « spatial_ref_sys_pkey »
DETAIL : The key (srid)=(999954) is duplicated.

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