[postgis-users] netcdf files deprecated in raster2pgsql?

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Aug 21 22:13:30 PDT 2019

Which package system did you get your PostGIS from?

What you can load via raster2pgsql depends on what drivers your GDAL is compiled with.  It might have been an omission on the part of the packager, like perhaps in past they used the standard base packages to get GDAL and because GDAL from base is always old, they might have compiled their own to ship to get newer GDAL and didn't include the kitchen sink that the base OS package includes.
NetCDF is not in the default compile of GDAL as it requires additional dependencies.

Hope that helps,

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Hi all,

I recently discovered that my new version of raster2pgsql doesn't work for importing netcdf files, but an older version I have on my computer does.  I'm wondering if netcdf handling has been dropped/deprecated in the later version.  

With postgresql version 11.0 and postgis 2.5, this fails:
raster2pgsql -s 4326 -c -F -t 256x256 NETCDF:"[myfile]":p mytable | psql -h localhost -U [user] -d [database]

...but this works with an older version of raster2pgsql that came with PostgreSQL 9.4:
/usr/local/old_pgsql-9.4/bin/raster2pgsql -s 4326 -c -F -t 256x256 NETCDF:"[myfile]":p mytable | psql -h localhost -U [user] -d [database]

I also note that "netcdf" is not included in the list of formats returned by 'raster2pgsql -G' with the new version.



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