[postgis-users] topology cleaning up

Bo Guo bo.guo at gisticinc.com
Wed Jan 9 06:59:45 PST 2019

Hi there,

My street table has road segment geometries from several jurisdictions.  
The business rule requires me to build topology not for the entire 
table, but on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.  I will need to 
re-generate the topology when geometry updates happen.

I can rebuild new topology, but that leaves old topology in the topo 
tables. So I want to remove the old topology before building new 
topology using topology.totopogeom for a jurisdiction. However, the 
constraints in and among the topology tables prevented me from the 
delete operation.

Since the topology is only managed by the postgis' topology engine, can 
I just remove some of the constraints?  This will not only allow 
deletion and but improve some operations as well?



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