[postgis-users] Upgrading for postgtis 2.4.1 to 2.4.6

Raúl Marín Rodríguez rmrodriguez at carto.com
Mon Jan 14 01:34:49 PST 2019

Hi Ahsan,

It seems there is some error with the version detection mechanism as
it's detecting PG11+.

Can you please check what's the output of:
Select CASE WHEN split_part(s,'.',1)::integer > 9 THEN
split_part(s,'.',1) || '0' ELSE split_part(s,'.', 1) ||
split_part(s,'.', 2) END AS v
FROM substring(version(), 'PostgreSQL ([0-9\.]+)') AS s;

Raúl Marín Rodríguez

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