[postgis-users] raster2pgsql failed to insert out-db raster(x, y : 16242, 66479)

Pradeep kumar parthivpradeep at gmail.com
Mon May 13 02:56:27 PDT 2019

Dear All,

            I am trying to insert a raster (X,Y: 16242, 66479, size on
disk:825.3 MB, not compressed) using raster2pgsql tool with "-R" option.

command:  raster2pgsql -R test_image.tif  test_image | psql -U user -d

Error:  rt_raster_new: Dimensions requested exceed the maximum (65535 x
65535) permitted for a raster

This works if I use the tile option "-t heightxwidth". But then multiple
rows for a single raster in the database table are created, which is not a
desirable result for me.

So, I would like to store a raster with height or width more than 65535 in
the PostGIS database table as a single row. Is this possible? If so, can
you please provide me how?

My Environment:
Postgres Version: PostgreSQL 10.4 on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc
(Alpine 6.4.0) 6.4.0, 64-bit

Postgis version: POSTGIS="2.5.0" [EXTENSION] PGSQL="100"
GEOS="3.7.0-CAPI-1.11.0 673b9939" PROJ="Rel. 5.0.1, April 1st, 2018"
GDAL="GDAL 2.3.2, released 2018/09/21" LIBXML="2.9.8" LIBJSON="0.13.1"

I am looking forward for your reply.

Best Regards,
Pradeep Gulla
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