[postgis-users] Counting intersecting polygons

Brent Wood Brent.Wood at niwa.co.nz
Mon May 27 15:15:59 PDT 2019

At a guess, you are asking for the count(*) from both tables... you only want the count from table 1.

SELECT COUNT(Table_1.wkb_geometry) FROM Table_1,Table_2 WHERE ST_Intersects(Table_1.wkb_geometry,Table_2.wkb_geometry);

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Hi All,
I have 2 tables containing polygons in same general area. What I want is the count of polygons in the first table (Table_1, represented by purple) that intersect with polygons in the 2nd (Table_2, represented by green).
[Screenshot from 2019-05-23 13-33-24.png]
For the above example, I want the output as 1. I have tried -
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table_1,Table_2 WHERE ST_Intersects(Table_1.wkb_geometry,Table_2.wkb_geometry);

This command returns the answer 3 which doesn't work for me.
Could someone please suggest relevant command.
Thanks in advance.

Sarthak Vijay

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