[postgis-users] PostgreSQL Windows 64-bit - for 12, 11, 10 on Stackbuilder

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Oct 21 07:06:21 PDT 2019

I've finished posting the stackbuilder installers for PostgreSQL 64-bit
(12,11,10) for PostGIS 3.0 bundle to stackbuilder and OSGeo downloads.


As detailed on the windows page:




These installers include the following extensions

PostGIS 3.0.0 (postgis, postgis_raster, postgis_topology, postgis_sfcgal,
address_standardizer, postgis_tiger_geocoder)

pgrouting 3.0.0-beta

ogrfdw 1.0.8

pgpointcloud 1.2.0


if you run into issues you can report on the mailing lists.




PostGIS Bunlde for Windows Stackbuilder Maintainer




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