[postgis-users] Postgis spatial join display error

Tsering W. Shawa shawatw at princeton.edu
Tue Apr 28 09:32:18 PDT 2020

I am new to PostGIS and trying to learn how everything works. I am using Introduction to PostGIS site data to test different GIS function including spatial join. The spatial join SQL statement seems to work [SELECT * FROM nyc_neighborhoods AS n JOIN nyc_subway_stations AS s ON ST_Contains(n.geom, s.geom); ] but when I try to add the result to the QGIS I get an error message saying "there was an error creating the SQL layer". When I tried the simpler the SQL function by selecting only row with a particular name [SELECT * FROM nyc_neighborhoods WHERE name = 'Soho';]. The SQL statement worked as well as I was able to add the SQL layer on a map. I am using QGIS's DB Manager to write SQL statements.

I was wondering what I am missing here.

Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. FYI. I have installed PostgreSQL 12 with PostGIS 3.

Many thanks,

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