[postgis-users] Running raster2pgsql on AWS

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Fri Jun 19 11:04:16 PDT 2020

Well directly – as in what I think of directly is not and option with AWS RDS.


What I have done in the past is spin up an AWS EC2 instance preferably in same zone and then connect from there.  You’ll need to install a PostGIS package that has raster2pgsql or copy it somehow.


If you want to keep your machine bearbones, your best bet is just to run the tools from within a docker container.  Unfortunately I think all the packages that have raster2pgsql install the whole PostgreSQL service.


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I want to run command line Postgres tools directly on AWS. What is the best approach for this? I know how to access AWS Postgres via psql on my machine and connecting to the host.


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