[postgis-users] Determine Out of DB Raster full path to file name

Richard Huesken richard.huesken at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 12:21:19 PST 2020


When loading an out of DB Raster into postgis (3.01, postgres 12.2) using
raster2pgsql, I need to specify the exact filename.
raster2pgsql -s 28992 -t 100x100 -F -I -C -Y -R
C:\TestData\AHN3\M_69CN2\M_69CN2.TIF ahn3.ahn3_69cn2_out

In the metadata (postgres raster table (ahn3.ahn3_69cn2_out) only the
filename is listed (M_69CN2.TIF), without the full path.

Is there a way to trace back the full pathname for this raster?

Kind regards,

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