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Thanks Felix!

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Hi Paul,

no need for subqueries here. Do a spatial join between polygon and points and start you query with DISTINCT ON (poly.id) poly.id, o.height etc.

DISTINCT ON (poly.id) will get you one row from the JOIN result per polygon. Which one it picks you can control with the final ORDER BY clause - in your case the height values of points.
The first column in the ORDER BY must be the "group" of your DISTINCT ON and then the height value.


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Betreff: [postgis-users] Help with SQL
I have 2 tables:
obstacles (point layer) with a column height_m (INTEGER) and a
polyobstacles (polygon layer)
the point layer has obstacles all over the map and the polygon layer has some polygons containing some of the obstacle points.
Now I would like to select the highest obstacle in each polygon. If there is several points with the same highest height a random obstacle of those highest shall be selected.
Is there someone that can get me on the track for such a query, I’m losing myself in subqueries?
Kind regards,


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