[postgis-users] query a certain row from a table. (Willem Hoffmans)

Willem info at ruimtemaatwerk.nl
Mon Mar 23 02:12:21 PDT 2020

I'm pretty sure it's the limitations of the Shapefile (or, more 
precisely, the underlying .dbf format) that gives the error.
Those .dbf files can only contain 2GB of data, see also:


So ask yourself the question: why export to shapefile? Try Geopackage, 
for instance, it's better, without those limitations.

On Mar 20, 2020, at 11:36 PM, john polo <jpolo at mail.usf.edu 
<mailto:jpolo at mail.usf.edu>> wrote:


I'm trying to export a table of points to a shapefile. The table has
over 8,000,000 rows. I'm using PostGIS 3.0 and PostGIS Shapefile
Import/Export Manager on Windows 10. When I try to run the export, I
keep getting this error:

Error: record 3329432 could not be created

I'm not sure how to handle this. My first impulse is find the offending
row, but I don't know the SQL for such a query. Is there something I
need to write in a WHERE clause or a different clause to get a specific row?

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