[postgis-users] Suggestion to improve query performance for GIS query.

postgann2020 s postgann2020 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 23:59:16 PDT 2020

Hi Team,

Thanks for your support.

Could you please suggest on below query.

EnvironmentPostgreSQL: 9.5.15
Postgis: 2.2.7

The table contains GIS data which is fiber data(underground routes).

We are using the below query inside the proc which is taking a long time to


SELECT seq_no+1 INTO pair_seq_no FROM SCHEMA.TABLE WHERE (Column1 like
'%,sheath--'||cable_seq_id ||',%' or Column1 like 'sheath--'||cable_seq_id
||',%' or Column1 like '%,sheath--'||cable_seq_id  or
Column1='sheath--'||cable_seq_id) order by seq_no desc limit 1 ;


We have created an index on parental_path Column1 still it is taking 4secs
to get the results.

Could you please suggest a better way to execute the query.

Thanks for your support.

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