[postgis-users] Relationship between PostGIS, Azure and its various components

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Not sure the question you are asking.  Hopefully this helps


There are 2 kinds of Azure that PostGIS can exist in


Azure Database for PostgreSQL --  PostGIS is an offered extension   -- Database as a Service

Azure Server – you can spin up a server like Ubuntu on Azure infrastructure and install your  own PostgreSQL and PostGIS.



If you go with DbaaS I think it’s much more expensive than just an Azure Server, but you get stuff like simpler scalability and mirroring.  Aside from expense you are stuck with whatever version of PostGIS they give you and have limited extension offerings.


Azure Server – cheaper more freedom to install the version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS you want as well as much more freed of installing extensions and accessing the network.


--This same statement can be said about Amazon or Google offerings.


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Rapid ICT transformation has led to the situation where PostGIS has to exist with Azure and its various components.  A clear understanding of the interplay of PostGIS and Azure and its components is of interest.


Anyone has got experience and insight to share?





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