[postgis-users] Enabling NetCDF export in PostGIS

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
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I haven't worked with NetCDF so don't know the answer.  GDAL 1.9 is long


You might want to ask your question on gdal mailing list if you don't get an
answer on this list.







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I need to export rasters in PostGIS to NetCDF format using ST_AsGDALRaster .


I searched a lot for this topic but not much information is available. And
the available information is confusing.


In https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/NetCDF it's mentioned "GDAL 1.9 includes
support for NetCDF-4 file format (provided that nc-config is found in the
configure stage), as well as the 64-bit offset file format. HDF4 and HDF5
files are also supported, although the respective driver is used if
available. The syntax "NETCDF:<file>" forces the use of the NetCDF driver."


GDAL version in my PostGIS is 2.2 so this should be possible, 


I have installed netcdf and added it to the path but now I'm stuck. Where to
place the nc-config file? What is the 64-bit offset file format? 


Any help is highly appreciated


Best regards


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