[postgis-users] Creating ensemble and aggregates from netCDF

Thiemo Kellner thiemo at gelassene-pferde.biz
Thu Sep 17 15:35:14 PDT 2020

Hi all

I have downloaded climate forecast raster data in NetCDF 3.6 format  
(https://nedlasting.nve.no/klimadata/kss) for a series of models and  
time resolution of one day. The data is one file per model.  
Eventually, I would like to have an ensemble file with aggregated data  
over the time axis, e.g. monthly or quarterly. Maybe it gets clearer  
when I just list some names of the files I have:


I expect all the files to have the same extent and resolution;  
gdalinfo excerpts of arbitrary two files https://pastebin.com/UtxXDDGp  
support my assumption.

Being a complete noob, I assume that the ensemble would just be the  
arithmetic average, but I do not know how to average the "payload"  
axis of rasters over different layers nor over its time series/bands.

I have not been able to find guidance on ecosia.org or the  
documentation and also tried to employ QGIS for this, but I am stuck  
there as much as I am with PostGIS.

I would appreciate guidance very much.

Kind regards


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