[postgis-users] Promoting PostgreSQL and PostGIS to wider business intelligence community

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wrong link - here it goes https://github.com/karstenv/dynamic_layers_qgis


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Ruven: yes interesting thoughts and probably you are correct with many of
your points.
Regarding if PostGIS has a relevance to be used directly:  that is a hard
one to answer - depending what tools and skills a user has available in the
tool belt 
However, in order to throw something into the example mix here is a GitHUB
repro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92EC-cZWEUc
&feature=youtu.be where I have some examples on how PostGIS and dynamic
layers can be used in QGIS desktop. The repro also has some more advanced
uses of plpython functions that enable cool dynamic data visualizations e.g.
of dynamic weather data via PostGIS 
If anyone is interested there is a link to a video talk from QGIS NA 2020
with more details on there as well ...


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I doubt whether PostGIS has any direct value whatsoever for desktop
application users.  At a very minimum,  using PostGIS directly requires a
knowledge of SQL.  In fact, the more knowledge of SQL a user has, the more
powerful PostGIS will be.   SQL is usually taught in a database course
which, in many computer science curriculums, is taught in the second or
third year, not to end users in another occupation.

Business intelligence systems such as Power BI and Tableau can connect
directly to PostGIS data bases and provide end user commands and operations
for querying and modifying those databases.  GIS systems such as ArcGIS and
QGIS provide similar capabilities.   End users can get nearly all of the
power of PostGIS without having to learn anything outside of the business
intelligence system or the GIS system.  

PostGIS is probably best reserved for people who have a programming
background and whose jobs or avocations involve doing things that are
difficult or impossible to do in existing business intelligence or GIS
applications.  There seem to be more than enough people like that to keep
the PostGIS developers quite busy.

Ruven Brooks

On 9/24/2020 3:58 PM, Shaozhong SHI wrote:

Though we have got some good examples of serving data to wider business
intelligence community, we are still interested in finding excellent,
compelling examples for showing the value of PostgreSQL/PostGIS as a data
service to desktop application users. 

I just wonder whether there are excellent examples, for general users to


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