[postgis-users] Quick Question re: raster2pgsql

Jorge Gustavo Rocha jgr at di.uminho.pt
Mon Feb 15 08:03:43 PST 2021

Hi Mike,

The raster and the overviews will be in your base_rasters schema. The
raster itself will be landcover6in_2010. Overviews will be
o_256_landcover6in_2010, o_128_landcover6in_2010 and so on.

If there are no tables there, you don't need to do anything. Just
restart the import again.

I would recommend bigger tiles. 128x128 tiles are quite small and you
will end up with too many rows. Try 1000x1000 tiles if you really don't
need 128x128 for any special processing.

raster2pgsql is slow. It will take a couple of hours.



Às 15:30 de 15/02/21, Mike Treglia escreveu:
> Hi All,
> I've had an import of a raster going on my computer for a few days
> (going on 3 days) now via rater2pgsql.  It was pretty comparable to a
> raster import that took something around ~12 hours, except I was
> building additional overview levels - my command line looks something
> like this:
> raster2pgsql -s 2263 -d -C -t 128x128 -M -I -l 4,16,128,256
> "LandCover.tif" base_rasters.landcover6in_2010 | psql.exe -h localhost
> -U postgres -d db -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1
> (the overview levels I added were 128 and 256... maybe should've tested
> on a subset of the data... first. It is a large raster - 320,000 x
> 320,000 8 bit unsigned int pixels)
> I'm getting to a point where I'll need to restart my pc for some
> administrative processes - thus, I was wondering - if I kill the
> raster2pgsql process before it complete, will I need to clean up those
> files somewhere? (at this point I haven't seen any of the files showing
> up in my database, so simply dropping the tables doesn't seem like it
> would work)
> Any insights are greatly appreciated - thank you!
> Mike
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