[postgis-users] Quick Question re: raster2pgsql

Mike Treglia mtreglia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 07:30:35 PST 2021

Hi All,

I've had an import of a raster going on my computer for a few days (going
on 3 days) now via rater2pgsql.  It was pretty comparable to a raster
import that took something around ~12 hours, except I was building
additional overview levels - my command line looks something like this:

raster2pgsql -s 2263 -d -C -t 128x128 -M -I -l 4,16,128,256 "LandCover.tif"
base_rasters.landcover6in_2010 | psql.exe -h localhost -U postgres -d db -v

(the overview levels I added were 128 and 256... maybe should've tested on
a subset of the data... first. It is a large raster - 320,000 x 320,000 8
bit unsigned int pixels)

I'm getting to a point where I'll need to restart my pc for some
administrative processes - thus, I was wondering - if I kill the
raster2pgsql process before it complete, will I need to clean up those
files somewhere? (at this point I haven't seen any of the files showing up
in my database, so simply dropping the tables doesn't seem like it would

Any insights are greatly appreciated - thank you!
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