[postgis-users] OSM and US DEM in PostGIS

Siddarth Madala sidmadala at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 12:57:04 PDT 2021

I was looking for some assistance with the following problem. My use case
of PostGIS is to store the United States' OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. This is
a solved problem with a significant amount of documentation available.
However, my use case differs in that I want to add US DEM elevation rasters
to the database to enable my application to query and receive a graph
seeded with these elevation values depending on my users' location. This
problem has almost no good documentation, and most solutions are outdated
or fail on my test server. Other services that provide elevation on demand
are either too costly or do not provide a small enough resolution for my
use case. Thus, I hope that anyone can aid me in the setup and deployment
on this bespoke database.
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