[postgis-users] PROJ_LIB environment variable

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Nov 18 05:15:16 PST 2021

One note I think if you set the variables before PostgreSQL is installed as
a service it will set it on use.


Take a look at C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\14\pg_env.bat


I've never tried it before though, but it's my understanding it reads that
file during installation. And registration of the service.  So I suspect if
you edit that file adding the PROJ_LIB path and then reinstall or manually
register the service it should work.


For my testing I have a script that has all these envs in it and then starts
up PostgreSQL so I can easily control which version of everything I am


Hope that helps,



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We have a server that has multiple versions of PostgreSQL installed.

Some of these PostgreSQL installations use the PostGIS extension.
Unfortunately these PostGIS extensions are all different versions.


When using the windows installer for PostGIS some environment variables are
set. Some can have the same value for each PostGIS installation. But there
are 2 that refer to a specific directory.

These are:


-       GDAL_DATA: which also can be set in the postgresql.conf file as

-       PROJ_LIB


My question is, is it possible to set the PROJ_LIB variable somewhere else
then as an environment variable?



Kind regards,


Jeroen Wisse

[Regina Obe] 

Not to my knowledge, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

That said which versions of proj are you using? It should only be used for
Pro > 6


Pre-Proj 6.0 this setting wasn't important and I never used it. PostGIS
always looked for all it needed in the contrib/postgis*/proj  folder

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