[postgis-users] save restor postgis.

Alain Benard alain.benard at inrae.fr
Mon Nov 22 00:43:51 PST 2021

I need to change serveur (Centos + Postgresql 12.8 and Postgis 3.0.4)  and the new server is Ubuntu LTS 20.04 + postgresql 12.9 and postgis 3.1.4.
I test pg_dump on the old server and pg_restore on the new and no errors occurs (postgis_full_version on the databse restor is ok with 3.1.4).
I know this process is ok or Postgresql but what about postgis ? The log pg_restor says creation extension Postgis .... Does anyone have an opinion on this way of doing ? Do we need to check something in particular ?
Is there another way ? Is there a risk ?
Thanks for advance.


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