[postgis-users] postgis introduction data bundle can not restore a backup.

Jian He hejian.mark at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 02:31:35 PDT 2022

5. Loading spatial data — Introduction to PostGIS
Introduction to PostGIS — Introduction to PostGIS
<http://postgis.net/workshops/postgis-intro/index.html> (data bundle)

I use the follow command to restore a database.

*pg_restore -h localhost -p 5432 -U jian -d postgis_in_action

I cannot load the backup file to database.
Too many errors like :

 ERROR:  type "public.geometry" does not exist
 ERROR:  relation "public.nyc_census_blocks" does not exist

There is only another .sql file. But the file only have one table:

where can I get the table create script.
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