[postgis-users] Errors with upgrading due to CVE CVE-2022-2625

Daniel Gustafsson daniel at yesql.se
Mon Aug 15 01:50:27 PDT 2022

> On 12 Aug 2022, at 18:29, Sandro Santilli <strk at kbt.io> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 09:44:52PM +0200, Daniel Gustafsson wrote:
>> I've now upgraded to 3.2.2 and the issue remains.  When building and running
>> make installcheck-upgrade against a 14.5 postgres cluster it fails with:
>>  NOTICE:  Packaging extension postgis
>>  ERROR:  function _postgis_deprecate(text,text,text) is not a member of extension "postgis"
>>  DETAIL:  An extension is not allowed to replace an object that it does not own.
>>  CONTEXT:  SQL statement "CREATE EXTENSION postgis SCHEMA public VERSION unpackaged;ALTER EXTENSION postgis UPDATE TO "3.2.2""
> Daniel could you please confirm the issue is resolved as of
> commit 9ceb6968ef780bc7d56e4e46ecf5747f95c2e619 in stable-3.2 branch ?

The upgrade tests seem to work now when building stable-3.2 from a completely
clean tree with a fresh build and install of PostgreSQL 14.

Daniel Gustafsson		https://vmware.com/

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