[postgis-users] "value out of range: underflow" blocking error

Marco Boeringa marco at boeringa.demon.nl
Sun Feb 6 23:17:43 PST 2022


Anyone else seeing this issue pop up, possibly after a recent update to 
a PostgreSQL related component, or something that PostgreSQL / PostGIS 
is dependent on?

I am still not sure if it is caused by something in my own coding, and I 
first though this might be related to an attempt to upgrade to 
PostgreSQL 14, but after restoring my machine to PostgreSQL 13(.5), I 
still see this error blocking the successful execution of a crucial 
query in my toolchain, that used to run fine up until recently.

I noticed there has been some very recent discussion about this same 
type of error on a PostgreSQL mailing list:



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