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  • [postgis-users] Anyone made this spike finder to work?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] Are there script examples for determine where vertices run clockwise or anti-clockwise?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] Is there a function to detect potential enclosure rather than ST_IsClosed() exact?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] Calculate accumulative bearing given a zig-zagging line   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] ST_Subdivide vertex limit and TOAST overhead (Follow up)   Marco Boeringa
  • [postgis-users] [postgis-devel] PSC Vote: Drop PostgreSQL 9.6 and PostgreSQL 10 in PostGIS 3.3 - MOTION PASSED   Regina Obe
  • [postgis-users] source and target vertex for multiple edges   Travis Kirstine
  • [postgis-users] What likely defects in geodata that must be checked by PostGIS?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] Non-linear time cost; please suggest a better way to structure the query   Rory Meyer
  • [postgis-users] Is there any way to find and select parallel lines in 3D?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] 3D distance functions for lines with identical start points   Michael Dominice
  • [postgis-users] Are there any functions like ST_Crosses for checking 3D objects?   Shaozhong SHI
  • [postgis-users] Is there any function for calculating angle between 2 line segments in 3D?   Shaozhong SHI

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