[postgis-users] Help us test out Weblate

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Jan 6 15:47:08 PST 2022

We have Weblate installed on OSGeo infra


For a trial run I'm using our PostGIS workshop

You can login with your LDAP credentials and then I can grant you rights to
the postgis-workshop project.

If I set this up right - commits should show up after an hour or so after
each commit on the below links.

English: https://postgis.net/workshops/en/postgis-intro/
Japanese:  https://postgis.net/workshops/ja/postgis-intro/
German: https://postgis.net/workshops/de/postgis-intro/
Spanish: https://postgis.net/workshops/es/postgis-intro/
Italian: https://postgis.net/workshops/it/postgis-intro/

And you should see your commit show here:

here is an example Sandro did -

My plan is after we are done with some kicking of tires, we will switch
PostGIS docs from transifex to weblate.

For others who want to try it on their projects, let me know I can show you
what little I know about the topic :)


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