[postgis-users] Migration issue

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Wed Sep 28 18:39:33 PDT 2022

Is it possible that maybe you have another PostgreSQL service running on the port you think you are running PostgreSQL 14 on.


The following queries might give you some clues what’s going on.


SELECT version();


SELECT name, setting, category FROM pg_settings WHERE category IN('File Locations') or name IN('port', 'listen_addresses') ;




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Windows 10 64bit

I had a Postgresql 13 instance. 

I exported all the databases within that instance.

I removed the 13 instance.

I installed Postgresql 14.

In PgAdmin 4 I created a new empty database for one of the databases exported from the 13 instance.

I then tried:

create extension postgis;

And got this:

ERROR: could not open extension control file "E:/Bitnami/WAPPST~1.0-1/POSTGR~1/share/extension/postgis.control": No such file or directory SQL state: 58P01

I have no idea why it is looking in this this E: folder and not the new 14 install directory.

Any hints as to what I can do?




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