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Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
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Do you have PostGIS tables.


What does 



FROM geometry_columns;


Return.  I’m guessing maybe QGIS is complaining about lack of spatial tables.


Regarding the PostgreSQL 14 / 13.


Looked like your PostgreSQL 13 is running on 5432, you could just disable it.  I assume it’s maybe still running in services?


I’m not familiar with bitnami so not sure how you completely remove it.



If you want set your PostgreSQL 14 to run on 5432

You can do ALTER SYSTEM set port = ‘5432’;


And then restart your PostgreSQL 14 service.


For good measure, you could also edit the registry so when you install new things, it correctly detects the new port


Open regedit.exe



Key: Port




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When I tried to access my new Postgresql 14 database using qGIS 3.26 I get this when connecting..

2022-09-29T12:09:14     WARNING    Database connection was successful, but the accessible tables could not be determined.
2022-09-29T12:10:41     WARNING    No PostGIS support in the database.

But the nominated database has PostGIS .... in pgAdmin 4


create extension postgis;


ERROR: extension "postgis" already exists SQL state: 42710




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