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Simon SPDBA Greener simon at spdba.com.au
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Thanks for the reply.

 > What does

>  SELECT *FROM geometry_columns;

 > Return.  I’m guessing maybe QGIS is complaining about lack of spatial 

It returns a data grid showing all the spatial layers.

 > Looked like your PostgreSQL 13 is running on 5432, you could just 
disable it.  I assume it’s maybe still running in services?

The strange thing was that it had been uninstalled. I removed the rogue 
connection in PgAdmin 4 and it fixed the problem.

In my new instance I created a database for each of the backup 
databases, execute "create extension postgis" for all of them, then 
restored the original data from the backups successfully. I am still 
getting this in qGIS logs...

2022-09-29T14:38:36     WARNING No PostGIS support in the database.

2022-09-29T14:38:36     WARNING Database connection was successful, but 
the accessible tables could not be determined.



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