[postgis-users] Library function 'pgis_geometry_union_finalfn' was deprecated in PostGIS 3.3.0

Giuseppe Naponiello beppenapo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 00:25:38 PDT 2022


this is my postgis version:

  POSTGIS="3.3.1 3786b21" [EXTENSION] PGSQL="130" 
GEOS="3.9.0-CAPI-1.16.2" PROJ="7.2.1" GDAL="GDAL 3.2.2, released 
2021/03/05" LIBXML="2.9.10" LIBJSON="0.15" LIBPROTOBUF="1.3.3" 
WAGYU="0.5.0 (Internal)" (core procs from "3.1.4 ded6c34" need upgrade) 
RASTER (raster lib from "2.4.9 r0" need upgrade) [UNPACKAGED!] (raster 
procs from "2.4.9" need upgrade)
(1 riga)


I need to centered a leaflet map on centroid of 5 merged polygons, my 
query is:

select st_X(st_centroid(st_union(st_transform(ST_SetSRID(geom,3857), 
4326)))) as lat, 
st_Y(st_centroid(st_union(st_transform(ST_SetSRID(geom,3857), 4326)))) 
as lon from comuni;

this query has always worked well, until some system update (I use 
debian stable and postgresql 13), so now I have:

ERROR:  A stored procedure tried to use deprecated C function 
DETAIL:  Library function 'pgis_geometry_union_finalfn' was deprecated 
in PostGIS 3.3.0
HINT:  Consider running: SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade()

and if I run this select I have:

ERROR:  extension "postgis" has no update path from version "3.1.4" to 
version "2.4.9"

If I use ST_MemUnion (instead of st_union) works well but I don't think 
is the correct solution.

Any tips?



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