[postgis-users] Upgrade 12->13 stuck due to postgis / raster issue

Roxanne Reid-Bennett rox at tara-lu.com
Mon Jan 23 16:15:05 PST 2023



We did a series of updates from 10.17 through to 13+ with Postgis some time back on AWS.  I just pulled up the notes from the dry run


SELECT PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();


does apply to "all the pieces and parts".  It wasn't uncommon for it to say Raster (Topology, etc) wasn't available, especially when it wasn't installed.


There was one time where running 


SELECT PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();


followed by 


select postgis_full_version();


indicated we had to run the Extensions Upgrade AGAIN.


Based on your research, it does sound like something may have been deleted "not using" the AWS/Postgis packaged tools.  I don't know the internals of PostGis enough to even guess.


Can you maybe create a new v 12 database with Postgis and Rastor installed.. and look in the extension there to see what might be missing in your main DB?



On 1/23/2023 4:03 PM, Raj Talati wrote:
You tried to do upgrade the extension it might be case that the current old extension was not upgraded .  Alter extension PostGis update and then you can retry upgrade.

I guess whoever did PG 12 upgrade not did alter extension Postgis update and when now you trying that missed prior is giving error.

Most likely this the case. 

Good luck

On Mon, Jan 23, 2023 at 6:15 PM Jim VanPeursem <jvp at jvp.llc> wrote:
 [originally posted on pgsql-admin, but referred here]
 I recently took over the management of a postgresql + postgis db on aws rds. Given the age of this project, the db itself is probably ~7-8 years old. It is currently on v12.12 and I'm unable to upgrade it to 13+. The db does use postgis, but as far as I can tell, no raster or topology or other postgis-related fields/features.
When I try to upgrade on aws, I get the following error:
The instance could not be upgraded because there are one or more databases with an older version of PostGIS extension or its dependent extensions (address_standardizer, address_standardizer_data_us, postgis_tiger_geocoder, postgis_topology, postgis_raster) installed.
 Please upgrade all installations of PostGIS and drop its dependent extensions and try again.

SELECT postgis_full_version(); gives the following (reformatted for clarity):
    POSTGIS="3.1.7 aafe1ff" [EXTENSION]
     PROJ="Rel. 5.2.0, September 15th, 2018"
     GDAL="GDAL 2.4.4, released 2020/01/08"
     WAGYU="0.5.0 (Internal)"
     RASTER (raster lib from "2.5.5 r0" need upgrade) [UNPACKAGED!] (raster procs from "2.5.2 r17328" need upgrade)

Note that it lists RASTER both as being unpackaged and needing an upgrade, even though postgis_raster is apparently not installed. My thinking is that somewhere along the way, postgis_raster and possibly topology were installed and later uninstalled (perhaps after being unbundled?).
 For more clues, I issued the following command. For clarity I replace the account numbers with pseudo-usernames for clarity. Also note that schema_1 and schema_2 are two schemas that the project uses.
db=> select a.extname, a.extowner, a.extnamespace, a.extversion, b.nspname, b.nspowner from pg_catalog.pg_extension a, pg_namespace b where a.extname LIKE '%postgis%';
      extname |  extowner  | extnamespace | extversion |      nspname       | nspowner
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_toast           | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_temp_1          | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_toast_temp_1    | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_catalog         | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | information_schema | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | extensions         | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | schema_1           | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | my_new_topo        | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | tiger              | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | tiger_data         | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | topology           | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | schema_2           | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | public             | <local_admin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_temp_4          | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_toast_temp_4    | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_temp_5          | <rdsadmin>
      postgis | <rdsadmin> |        16404 | 3.1.7      | pg_toast_temp_5    | <rdsadmin>

I'm not familiar enough with postgresql nor postgis to understand whether the nspname entries for tiger, topology, etc. are expected, or offer clues as to the problem that I am encountering.
 Some things that I've tried:
db=> SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade();
 NOTICE:  Extension postgis_raster is not available or not packagable for some reason
 NOTICE:  Extension postgis_topology is not available or not packagable for some reason
 NOTICE:  Extension postgis_tiger_geocoder is not available or not packagable for some reason
 Upgrade completed, run SELECT postgis_full_version(); for details

db=> select * from pg_available_extensions where name like 'postgis%';

           name          | default_version | installed_version |                          comment
  postgis                | 3.1.7           | 3.1.7             | PostGIS geometry and geography spatial types and functions
  postgis_tiger_geocoder | 3.1.7           |                   | PostGIS tiger geocoder and reverse geocoder
  postgis_topology       | 3.1.7           |                   | PostGIS topology spatial types and functions
  postgis_raster         | 3.1.7           |                   | PostGIS raster types and functions
 (4 rows)

db=> \dx
                                       List of installed extensions
      Name      | Version |   Schema   |                             Description
  fuzzystrmatch | 1.1     | extensions | determine similarities and distance between strings
  plpgsql       | 1.0     | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language
  postgis       | 3.1.7   | extensions | PostGIS geometry, geography, and raster spatial types and functions
  sslinfo       | 1.2     | public     | information about SSL certificates
 (4 rows)

db=> CREATE EXTENSION postgis_raster;
 ERROR:  PostGIS Raster is already installed in schema 'extensions'

 CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function inline_code_block line 10 at RAISE

db=> DROP EXTENSION postgis_raster;
 ERROR:  extension "postgis_raster" does not exist
I also did a snapshot backup and restored to a new instance on aws, and this resulted in exactly the same problem on the new instance.
 Erik Weinhold from the pgsql-admin mailing list helpfully pointed out the following:
Could be that someone "uninstalled" them by deleting from pg_extension. Deleting from pg_extension reproduces the error:
         test=# create extension postgis_raster;
         test=# delete from pg_extension where extname = 'postgis_raster';
         DELETE 1
         test=# drop extension postgis_raster;
         ERROR:  extension "postgis_raster" does not exist
         test=# create extension postgis_raster;
         ERROR:  PostGIS Raster is already installed in schema 'public'
         CONTEXT:  PL/pgSQL function inline_code_block line 10 at RAISE
 That last error message does not come from checking pg_extension but rather
 postgis_raster itself[2].
 I tried  DROP SCHEMA extensions CASCADE  at this point to get rid of the
 remaining objects but that fails:
         test=# drop schema extensions cascade;
         ERROR:  cache lookup failed for extension 27232

Is there a way to either restore or remove the unbundled / partial raster support so that it can be upgraded? Does anyone have other suggestions on what I could try? I'd like to get to postgresql v13+ with only postgis (no raster, topology, etc.) installed without losing any data along the journey. Is my only recourse to do a full data backup to sql followed by creating a new instance and restoring data?

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