[postgis-users] Upgrade 12->13 stuck due to postgis / raster issue

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Jan 23 23:07:06 PST 2023



Sorry I had missed the thread Roxanne had written.


So you already ran twice


SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade();  

SELECT postgis_extensions_upgrade();  


And still shows raster is UNPACKAGED.

If you did delete some raster functions in panic, then I think that would prevent it from being upgraded.


You want to first make sure you don’t have raster tables running the below query should return no records.



FROM raster_columns;



Easy fix especially if you don’t need raster support, is to run the uninstall raster script I had attached in that mailing list thread Roxanne pointed to





That should cleanly get rid of all remnants of raster.  


Hope that helps,





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I did a search on this phrase:

raster procs from "2.5.2 r17328" need upgrade

I found a post from Regina from 2020 moving from 2.5.2 to 3. It might illumine a bit.



And this one for someone who had 100% control of their PG hardware from last fall.



And this one from the AWS forums 


which references this:


which uses 


The observation in the last post about waiting overnight and things "magically being fixed", I saw during our dry run, not the production run, but definitely during the dry run.  Their observation about rebooting the PG server between upgrades isn't totally "off" either.

Posting in the AWS Forums might get some help from inside Amazon.

Or, if you have any level of support from AWS that would allow you get someone to "poke/prod" on disk, you might get a fix.  

Migrating the data is "of course" a last resort, but at least possible. 

Given my lack of knowledge of the upgrade steps, I've done what I can.  Good luck.


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