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we use a very simple approach to handle plate shiftings related to
whatever datums:

We simply add always a date with the point coordinates. Additionally we
have the datum reference also stored (or use wgs84 always when storing).
So if there is any need to shift the point later related to the date
when it was defined and when it is later referenced we can do it (the
program does it). As said by storing the date with the coordinates and
datum takes care of any later shifts.

Basically this is exatly the same as creating a new datum (ex. GDA2020)
every now and then but it is much more accurate also since it is
accurate to a day and not just some time year 2020.

Regards. Janne.


Cameron Shorter kirjoitti 2019-07-12 15:32:

> Hi folks,
> I've incorporated a lot of feeback from people on this list, and from
> the Australian geospatial people and have restarted the Static/Dynamic
> Webmapping Problem.
> Comments are encouraged.
> If commenting, please log so we know who says what. Please don't
> change the text as it quickly becomes difficult to read.
> I'm very mindful that this is a challenging problem, requiring
> collaboration to solve, and we still have quite a bit of work in
> achieving this.
> Doc here:
> Original problem statement:
>> _ > Our Australian spatial data users are about to face a systematic
> mismatch __challenge when trying to use multiple static datums
> (GDA2020, GDA94) with __the dynamic datum (WGS84). At the moment, it
> is government agencies__ grappling with the problem, but it is about
> to become a mainstream issue._
> Cheers, Cameron
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> Cameron Shorter
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> Open Technologies and Geospatial Consultant
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